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Some of our most popular apps:
kaplan quiz uKaplan SAT® Quiz U, our collaboration with Kaplan Test Prep. Complete with quizzes, video tutorials, and discussion. Also available on Android.


greArcadia Prep GRE, the top ranked GRE app in iTunes. 4.5 * average rating!



simply brilliantSimply Brilliant Prep app, breaking down Data Sufficiency into manageable strategies for GMAT test takers, using video clips, exercise problems, and step-by-step explanations.

App Screenshots

Student can use pen tools to solve problems in the workspace provided

Features on Tablet

In the tablet version, students have ample workspace to work out complex problems. Pen Tools include black / red pens, highlighter, eraser, etc.

The Tutor button allows teacher to use the built-in Pen & Voice Recorder to create video tutorials in minutes.





Menu of iPhone App

On Smart Phones

Students can do Q&A on the discussion forum with peers and teachers.

Teachers can monitor performance of students individually or as a group. Payment processing is supported via the App Stores or a dedicated micro-site (PayPal integrated).

Embedded game mechanics allow students to accumulate points and earn rewards.


Common Core Aligned Items

The following technology enabled items were designed by Pacific Metrics Corporation for delivery on Arcadia Apps. They appear here courtesy of Pacific Metrics. If you are interested in licensing the items or the TEI Editor for creating the items, please contact Pacific Metrics.

common core orbital system
Common Core – Orbital System

Orbital System

In this technology-enabled item (TEI) type, the student is being asked to create a solar eclipse by dragging and dropping the moon and earth around their orbital paths. This is one of the most complex items recommended by one of the consortia.






Common Core drop down
Common Core – drop down menu

Drop Down Menu

In another TEI type, the student is asked to select the right combination of answers from drop down menus.






Common Core - Bar chart
Common Core – Bar chart

Bar Chart Item Type

In this item type, the students is asked to chart their answers by pulling and placing the bars in the right locations within the chart.