Our products enable you to deliver courseware, formative assessment, and simulated test apps faster and better. Whether you want to transition existing assets or develop new ones, why reinvent the wheel?

Student App


Our flagship product combines the performance advantage of native mobile code (Objective C, Android/Java) with the flexibility of web technologies (HTML5/CSS/Javascript). It is designed using the latest educational research in assessment and course effectiveness, and has been field-tested by hundreds of thousands of end-users.

  • Technology-enabled item (TEI) objects aligned with Common Core
  • Instructional video streamer or embedded player
  • Navigation and workflow: designed by education scientists, it includes opportunities to insert scaffolding and hints
  • Discussion forum: facilitates teaching and mentoring by allowing teachers to broadcast tutorials and students to post questions

Our product includes a basic authoring tool for multiple-choice and grid-in item types. It allows you to create a course structure and to edit learning objects and meta-data using a WYSIWYG editor. If you are looking for an advanced Technology Enhanced Item editor, we have integrated our iOS Student app with the Unity platform of Pacific Metrics.


Pen-voice recorder allows teachers to make short video tutorials by recording their voice and handwriting, Khan Academy style, in a matter of minutes, and share them with students instantaneously. Integral to Arcadia’s apps, it is also available for licensing and embedding in third-party apps as a software development kit (SDK).



The student app is synchronized to a custom microsite, for example, Of course, we can also integrate it with your existing Learning Management System. Web features:

  • Payment processing for app purchase
  • Authentication API allows the unlocking of modules in the app for customers
  • Group registration and account management
  • Web reports for educators:
    • Individual and aggregate levels
    • Performance data (accuracy)
    • Progress (modules completion)
    • Engagement (time spent per module)
    • Response time (time spent per item)

Storyline-based Courseware

The product’s concept was a inaugural winner of the Gates Foundation Literacy 2013 Courseware MVP award, as a result of a collaboration with West Ed to create an interactive courseware that is Common Core aligned, targeting grades 4-8 and 9-12.

Interactive lessons are delivered under an overarching storyline, inside an engaging clue-finding quest, utilizing game mechanics to guide students master competencies along levels. Watch the video below to find out more. For development / distribution inquiries, please email us.