Kaplan SAT Quiz U by Arcadia Apps wins 2013 Eddie Award


The Computer Education Gazette has named Kaplan SAT Quiz U as the winner of the 2013 EDDIE Award for Best Test Preparation iPad App. The app’s content is provided by Kaplan Test Prep and the technology is developed by Arcadia Apps.

In their review, the editors said:

The iPad interface is elegant and intuitive: Large arrows move the user back and forth through study questions, and there is the opportunity to bookmark a problem and revisit it later. When answers are incorrect, the View Explanation button provides high quality audio tips on how to approach the problem and look for key ideas (often there are whiteboard notations). A toolbar includes a pen tool for solving problems, highlighting text, or eliminating answer choices. There is immediate feedback on overall progress, and the user can post a question on the discussion board and receive a timely answer from a Kaplan teacher.”

Arcadia Apps is proud of this achievement, jointly accomplished with the collaboration of a top notch partner like Kaplan Test Prep.